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Dr. Nick Tatopoulos stood at the bow of the HEAT Seeker as the small ship made its way across the ocean, the cool air blowing past his face. Nick could see his destination — Isle Del Diablo — slowly peeping up on the horizon, the black column of smoke from the island's volcano acting as a grim beacon. His thoughts couldn't help but trail back to the message he had gotten from Major Hicks:

"Dr. Tatopoulos, Major Hicks has ordered you and your team to report to Monster Island immediately. The situation is urgent. Major Hicks will brief you upon arrival. We will be escorting your ship to the island." The soldier had recited the message in the usual military tone, but it had a dire air to it.

When he asked what exactly the situation was, the soldier offered only a single phrase: "There's been a containment breach." At that, Nick and his crew threw their equipment together as quickly as possible and headed off for Isle Del Diablo with two military boats following close by. He knew why Hicks had called them, but he didn't want to think about how severe it must be if they had to bring his team in to seal the breach.

Nick was brought back to reality when he glimpsed Godzilla's head and spines rising in the distance briefly before quickly vanishing below the waves.

"At least we have you if things are really that bad," he mumbled to himself.

Nick turned around and headed into the HEAT Seeker's control room, where Agent Monique Dupre was steering the ship. Her eyes fixed out at the sea, cold and calculating.

"How much longer until we reach the island?" Nick asked as he entered the cabin.

"About an hour, maybe two, depending on the weather," she replied in her usual thick, French accent.

"And how's the weather?" Nick inquired.

"Fine," Monique promptly answered, her tone bland.

"Alright, then. I'll get out of your hair," Nick said, turning back round to leave.

"Don't forget, Nick, some of the weapons on this ship are still operational," Monique said, reminding him as he opened the door.

"I'll try to keep that in mind," he said before leaving and heading below.

Below deck, Dr. Elsie Chapman sat in a chair, quietly reading a book while Dr. Mendel Craven and Randy Hernandez worked on NIGEL. The yellow robot stood motionless as Mendel examined its parts and Randy typed something up on his compact computer, which was jacked in to NIGEL.

Randy looked up. "Yo, Nick, how much longer till we get to Monster Island? I think Mendel's looking a little green." Mendel shot him a glare before returning to his work.

"Shouldn't be too much longer. What are you and Mendel doing with NIGEL?" Nick asked, walking up behind them and peering over their shoulders.

"I'm trying to see if I can get NIGEL to put out a little more speed in case he has to get close to any of the monsters for whatever reason," Mendel answered before sneezing.

"I'm making sure our buddy is calibrated… and I want to see if I can get him to talk like Bruce Campbell," Randy added, eliciting a sigh from Mendel.

"Having any luck?" Nick interrupted before Mendel could lecture Randy.

"Not really. I don't have the tools or the equipment to do much." Mendel looked at NIGEL's head. "I just hope he won't have to get too close," he said in a slightly mournful tone.

"Old double-barrel here, blow your guts to Kingdom Come!" NIGEL suddenly shouted between his usual clicks and whistles, causing Mendel to jump and Randy to burst out laughing.

"I really wish you would stop that," Mendel groaned.

Randy simply grinned and went back to typing on his computer.

"I'm sure everything will be fine, Mendel; it can't be anything too bad if Major Hicks is calling us in instead of the army," Elsie chimed in.

"Or, you know, it could be something so bad that they need us and the G-man," Randy retorted.

"Let's hope you're right, Elsie," Nick said with a tone of finality, giving Randy a disapproving look and heading to the lab.

Another hour and a half passed before Monique's voice came on the intercom. "Everyone, get up here, now! Hurry!" she said, a hint of urgency in her voice.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed to the control room, where they met with Monique.

"What is it?" Nick asked.

"Look," she said simply, pointing straight out the window.

Just ahead of the HEAT Seeker was Isla Del Diablo and its port, but before it was a colossal, oval-shaped object that shone brightly with a white light. The inside of the oval showed what looked to be random colors shifting about but at times briefly came together to form a distorted image. While this image had some symmetry to it, the distortion made it very difficult to make out. Meanwhile, the outside was surrounded by apparent ripples in space and seemed to be at least 20 stories in height.

The HEAT team stared in awe at the gigantic apparition as the ship made its way around it and towards port.

"What is that thing?" Mendel asked aloud.

"It looks like a portal or something…" Elsie ventured hesitantly.

"You think we're going to go through and find pyramids on the other side?" Randy joked.

"Don't be ridiculous," Mendel huffed irritably.

"Well, whatever it is, I have a feeling it has to do with Major Hick's invitation…" Nick murmured, his voice tinged with worry.

Eventually, the HEAT Seeker and its escorts reached the port and HEAT met with Major Hicks. As they made their way across the pier, they noticed that much of the base ahead of them had no electricity and appeared to have weathered a lot of heavy damage.

"Major Hicks," Nick called as his team approached the officer at the end of the pier.

"Tatopoulos," Major Hicks returned, offering his hand for Nick to shake. Nick took and gripped it firmly.

"So what happened here? And what is that…thing...just off the coast?" Nick asked, gesturing at the looming oval.

"Four hours ago, one of our cargo ships heading for DC docked to refuel and restock their supplies. Half an hour later, a freak storm hit the shore and everyone took cover. Two men who hunkered down near the dock reported seeing a waterspout forming and sucking up the ship. They said that, several seconds after the vessel had been taken in by the storm, the waterspout exploded in a bright white light that knocked out the island's power supply and formed that…portal," Major Hicks point to the oval. "The guards did the best they could, but with communications down, they were barely able to manage. Fifteen were killed in total, at least seventeen were critically injured, and six of the monsters managed to escape through the portal," Major Hicks explained as everyone listened in silence.

"What was the cargo ship transporting?" Nick asked.

"The remains of a Tachyon ship we recovered," Major Hicks said bluntly. Nick shot him a dirty look.

It had been over a year since the Tachyon Invasion, yet the images were still fresh in Nick's mind. He could still see the ships descending as the monsters — including Godzilla and Cyberzilla — demolished everything in sight and the military, including Major Hicks, acted as puppets by the invaders.

"A Tachyon ship?" Nick grumbled. Major Hicks put his hand up, stopping his complaint.

"Relax, Tatopoulos. We disassembled it, and the ship was only carrying what our boys in the lab think could be a superluminal drive along with some other engine parts," Major Hicks reassured him.

"A super-what-a?" Randy interjected.

"That's what I said; apparently, it's supposed to allow the Tachyons' ship to travel faster than the speed of light," Major Hicks explained.

"Whoa, you mean like on Star Trek?" Randy cheered excitedly, eyes brightening at the thought.

"Who knows, the ship was supposed to be taken to NASA for study, but then the storm struck," Major Hicks said glumly.

"Well that might explain the…portal, but why would a storm cause an explosion of such magnitude?" Mendel questioned as he rubbed his chin.

"Maybe it was a time storm that flung us into the future," Elsie joked.

"That could be a possibility...but really, what are the chances of that happening?" Mendel said. Elsie simply rolled her eyes.

Nick glared at the two and cleared his throat before turning back to Major Hicks "So, Major, which monsters escaped?" he asked.

Major Hicks turned to one of his men. "Soldier, tell me again which monsters escaped," he ordered.

The soldier consulted the clipboard in his hands. "The bat, shrew, mosquito, cobra, Crustaceous Rex, and one of the hummingbirds are currently unaccounted for, sir."

"I'm guessing you need us—and Godzilla—to get them back?" Nick sighed.

"Correct, though I'm going to have some of my men load three ships with equipment to help recapture them. You'll be leaving shortly."

"W-Wait, how do you know that portal is safe?" Mendel asked, voice quivering a little.

"We sent a boat with two men in it through it and they came back fine. There was no sign of the monsters, but apparently there's an ocean on the other side, and the air is breathable." Major Hicks then heaved a gusty sigh. "Unfortunately, radio transmissions are impossible on the other side and I need to be here to keep an eye on things. Once you reach the other end, my men will defer to you."

Nick looked to his team and then back to Major Hicks. "When do we leave?"

"In an hour," Major Hicks said bluntly, dismissing them with a nod.

Tokyo-3 is under attack by a pack of unknown monsters and the EVA Units are in danger of getting overwhelmed. Can NERV really trust the word of the mysterious HEAT that the monster they call Godzilla can truly help them? Or will HEAT's objections to the EVA pilots keep the two divided?

Disclaimer: The story is my only original idea, all characters belong to their respective owners and copyright holders and is not in anyway meant to be used for profit.
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